Financial Stability

United Way Helps Americans Achieve Financial Stability

Chronic unemployment. Financial illiteracy. Homelessness. In communities around the world, individuals and families are facing financial obstacles that prevent a good quality of life.

We’re fighting to put every person, in every community, on a path toward financial empowerment. That starts with access to services, job training, credit counseling and money management programs.

individuals were given tools and resources to advance them toward financial stability. These resources were given in the following forms: support to individuals seeking housing and job searching, free educational resources on budgeting, homeownership, job searching, job interviewing, free legal services, free tax preparation, and scholarships for higher education. (totals from the year 2020)

Click HERE to learn more about the programs United Way funds that directly impact the financial stability of individuals and families in our community. 

In 2020, $590,000 was directed back into our local community through tax refunds, prepared through United Way of Northeast Arkansas' Free Tax Program. Click HERE to learn more about this free resource provided through our office.